Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Update! Here is a first look on the tonal pass for Chapter 1 of "the book". We will release the title name later, when we are closer to finishing. We now have a complete tonal pass for this chapter aside from a few pages that need rewriting. These passes really give character to each chapter I am finding out. As raw as they are...they are really the biggest read on the artwork you will get...and to me the most important. If I don't like it at this point I won't like it later with more details. This also gives me an opportunity to check out the spreads and see how they are working against each other. I intentionally left out the dialog in this case, because we already covered that in the prologue tonal. We do intend to experiment more with talk bubbles, font choices and fx sounds as we get closer to final. I think the next time we post will be a sample showing those choices. Thanks for reading and please come back as we begin fleshing out concepts for characters, vehicles, props and environments.

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