Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Prologue Rough Layout

Here is an update to the Prologue of our graphic novel which you can now see is in the format of a book with double page spreads. This very rough version is the first look in book form. Reading from top left across the page is the first four pages and so forth for the next row. If you take a look at my earlier post you will see how much has changed from the earlier prologue thumbnails and what has come across intact. The writer has added text and the next version of this post will show that. There is more work to be done, so back to the drawing board.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hollywood Burns

Finally some new work from my new graphic novel currently under way. This two minute sketch was just a place holder to be used as a two page spread. Yes, I have a palm tree brush. ;) It is not final by far, but in the time I had I got down a feel that I think I am happy with. The top part will be San Francisco but that one is not clear and needs to be redone. The final idea is to have a scene of total destruction just after "The Big One" strikes California... *shudder*...hopefully that is just part of our story I never have to live that again.