Wednesday, September 23, 2009

American Clockwork Update

Above: Howard gets a taste of jail for a crime he committed in the name of love. For reasons I will not get into here, the graphic novel is being delayed. In the past month or so priorities got shifted and other projects took center stage. I am still working on American Clockwork, the other night I was up til the crack of Dawn illustrating the first two sections. The amount of work that will be going into this book is tremendous, and hopefully will also get a tremendous response from future readers. I created a first dummy book of those two sections and now that I have a copy of it in my hands, I can see clearly how the type is reading and how the layouts are or are not working. Overall, this is great as I have made some minor changes to the layout to improve the story flow and in some cases even the performance of the characters. We are going to APE this year, and I have thought alot about what this show is about. It's a great place to share your passion about making comics and related artforms. It's a place to get our feet wet in this industry and prepare for bigger events like the San Diego Comic-Con. One thing I have found out is that this book we are creating is huge. It's a massive project for a small company. It will take some time to complete, but it will be completed. Because we are an independent comic maker, we are NOT beholden by a publisher to edit our content or have impossible or arbitrary deadlines imposed on us. That's the great part. The hard part is raw work ahead. But I enjoy every minute of it and look forward to sharing the results with you in the future.