Saturday, January 31, 2009

Chapter 4 Rough Layout

This is the rough layout for the last chapter of our first book. The entire first book is really introducing you the's the exhibition of the story. You will meet the hero and see what sets him off on his journey. This chapter is violent...well more than the others, but pointedly so...after all this is the climax of this book, but just the beginning of the story... Thanks for reading this far if you started from the beginning. This blog is starting to get some legs of its own. I'll try to stay more on topic of the exposed development of this graphic novel, but if I digress, it's because you need that once in a while to stay sane. In upcoming posts I will start adding the visual development sketches for everything from characters to backgrounds, props and other visual elements that will make up this graphic novel. We really want to show our process and progress and invite you to be a part of this. Feel free to comment, show your support, or give constructive, creative, genuine criticism.

Chapter 3 Rough Layout

Chapter 3 is complete. Sorta. There are some massively epic shots that still need to be created, so for the sake of speed they were left out of this layout. The point of this exercise is to get the character story down visually which is here. This Chapter really came together in one night after meeting with the writer and going through this rough layout and comparing it to the script. We found a way that works for both of us with this chapter. He gets to see his story visualized in a way that impacts his writing and we sort out what changes need to happen either visually or in written form, or both. It's very addictive way to create because it is so dynamic as both the writer and me, the artist, are creating at the same time. We found solutions in one night much faster than a traditional email back and forth that might last days or weeks. It is a process we hope to repeat for the second and third volumes since it cuts the time down required to visualize and layout the script.

Chapter 2 Rough Layout

At last I've the time to post up Ch2 in rough layout form. I've also got Ch3 and Ch4 done as well so I'll be posting those tonight, too. Each chapter will end in a cliffhanger of one sort or another and then lead you to read the title and quote for the next chapter. After seeing this initial rough layout and adding the dialogue there are changes that are going to be made to tweak the imagery, dialogue, and layouts so that the story is flowing the way it is meant to be. This process is the same for the next two chapters which can be seen in the posts that follow this one.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Chapter 1 Rough Layout

Here is chapter one in the same form of the prologue in the post before this one. The layouts are still very rough placeholders for the final artwork but gives us a sense of the pacing and timing of the story. What is sorely missing are the tones that give focus to the images and create background, middleground, and foreground space. The two page spreads with the Hollywood sign are an indication of what that spread might be like. Also page one of chapter one is close in its tone to the final piece. I'm off to do another pass on Chapter 2 and will be posting it in this form for all the following chapters. To see how I got here take a look at the earlier post where I rapidly thumbnail out the entire story: