Saturday, January 31, 2009

Chapter 3 Rough Layout

Chapter 3 is complete. Sorta. There are some massively epic shots that still need to be created, so for the sake of speed they were left out of this layout. The point of this exercise is to get the character story down visually which is here. This Chapter really came together in one night after meeting with the writer and going through this rough layout and comparing it to the script. We found a way that works for both of us with this chapter. He gets to see his story visualized in a way that impacts his writing and we sort out what changes need to happen either visually or in written form, or both. It's very addictive way to create because it is so dynamic as both the writer and me, the artist, are creating at the same time. We found solutions in one night much faster than a traditional email back and forth that might last days or weeks. It is a process we hope to repeat for the second and third volumes since it cuts the time down required to visualize and layout the script.

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