Thursday, July 9, 2009

Our graphic novel is now back on track after being out of action for a few weeks. Here is one of the first character studies I made that is very close to the type os drawing styles you will see in the final book. This is the narrator and main character of the story in his late life as a grandfather. The bulk of the story takes place in his youth, however. American Clockwork, which is the title, is the story of his life, and it is epic in scope and scale. We've cut the size of the first volume down to 84 pages and maybe to 80 pages as I finalize the layouts. Look for more characters to post on this blog as we finalize their designs and create the finished pages. Alot of editing has been done with the layouts you saw earlier, mostly just tightening up the flow of dialog and story beats. I'll post those in the future at some point. Thanks for reading.

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