Saturday, January 31, 2009

Chapter 4 Rough Layout

This is the rough layout for the last chapter of our first book. The entire first book is really introducing you the's the exhibition of the story. You will meet the hero and see what sets him off on his journey. This chapter is violent...well more than the others, but pointedly so...after all this is the climax of this book, but just the beginning of the story... Thanks for reading this far if you started from the beginning. This blog is starting to get some legs of its own. I'll try to stay more on topic of the exposed development of this graphic novel, but if I digress, it's because you need that once in a while to stay sane. In upcoming posts I will start adding the visual development sketches for everything from characters to backgrounds, props and other visual elements that will make up this graphic novel. We really want to show our process and progress and invite you to be a part of this. Feel free to comment, show your support, or give constructive, creative, genuine criticism.


  1. these are stellar!
    great break down, can't wait to see some inked pages :)

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  3. Great work! You have been BUSY! Cant wait to see this done. Awesome job man!